Saturday, April 9, 2011

Babe of Babes: Rhian Sugden

If you haven't seen Your Highness yet, you might want to check it out. It came out last night and if you need a reason to see it, here it is: RHIAN SUGDEN!

She has a very small non-speaking part, but a big enough part for my bros and I to remember who she was. When you see Manious the Bold, aka the dude who looks like Baby Huey, peep the blondie to your left. Rhian Sugden. Yeah, the topless girl with great boobs. That's her.

Rhian is 24, 5'7'', English, has 32E's and she's famous for being topless. Need I say more? Rhian Sugden is basically one of the hottest Page 3 girls ever. For those of you not from England, a Page 3 girl is basically a model who poses topless in magazines like Maxim and whatnot, because they can have topless women in a regular magazine because they're not a sexually oppressed country like us. But whatevs, thank God for the internet, because she's topless everywhere and her boobs are GREAT! Google her if you're not a work, because BOHO isn't about to get you fired (we're not hiring, so don't ask).

But Rhian, if you're reading this, get at me girl, send me an email or look up my girl Wren (think Kim Kardashian ), she's in England right meow, she has my contact information.

Regardless, BOHO loves you and so does anyone who sees Your Highness.
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